Thursday, 23 June 2016

Outback Adventures with the Wrays - Part 2

Outback Adventures
By Toby & Molly

Coober Pedy x 2 nights
Curtain Springs (Northern Territory) x 1 night
Uluru x 4 nights

Kilometres travelled so far -  2,349km.

Welcome to Coober Pedy.

Underground Mining 
Coober Pedy is famous for a gem called an opal.
It is very precious.
By Toby

A lot of Coober Pedy is underground including hotels, houses and churches.
By Molly.

Freezing cold at The Breakaways

The Beautiful Breakaways

They had all different colours on the one mountain.
By Toby

Sunset at Uluru

We could try crocodile, kangaroo, shrimp or feta
cheese as a snack.
By Molly

The Field of Lights at the base of Uluru

When it got dark the lights started to light up. They were all solar powered. It took 5 weeks to set up the display.
By Toby

There are 50,000 light bulbs in the Field of Lights. All the bulbs got shipped from England.
By Molly

The sunrise over Uluru

We had to wake up at 5:30am to get a ticket to go into the park so we could get a good position. The sunrise was actually at 7:30am.
By Toby

 The sunrise at Uluru

We could climb the rock but me and Toby only climbed a little bit because it was really steep. There was a chain to help. There was no chain to help at the top.
By Molly

Walking all the way around the base of Uluru

It was 10km around the base. Molly and I rode our bikes and the adults walked.
By Toby

Aboriginal cave artwork at Uluru

They didn't have the fancy colours on the wall. You couldn't really understand the symbols.
By Toby

The cave was an aboriginal family cave. We could see the drawings that were really old.
By Molly

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