Destiny Road is a story of choices, consequence, heartbreak and acceptance.

Destiny Road is about a sixteen year old girl Jessica, who is building up to making a most important decision. One that will affect the rest of her life. It is a story of decision, growth and acceptance.

Jessica is sixteen when she meets Bill for the first time. Six months later she is moved away by her mother, to begin a new life away from what she knows. Away from the man she is just realising she might have wanted in her life all along, her biological father.  So begins Jessica’s journey of living with the choices made by herself and those around her.

Destiny Road availabe through Morris Publishing Australia.

Destiny Road Book Trailer.

"Destiny Road is a delightful, well rounded adventure that will linger with the reader and leave you wanting more of Jessica's tale. Definitely one to add to your wish list." - Confessions of a Booky Monster


This entertaining anthology has been written by authors from around the globe. Each story is around 500 words. They are an eclectic collection of  historical, contemporary, suspense, fantasy, biographical and adventure works of fiction. I am thrilled to have "Splish Splash Flash" included in this anthology, alongside the other talented writers.
ALL proceeds of sales to benefit the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. 

To purchase this wonderful Ebook anthology
Kindle $3.76 AU

Time To Write is an anthology of short stories published by Yarra Bend Press in collaboration with NMIT students.


Charms is a collection of stories, poems and illustrations by a wide variety of contributors including myself. It is also a fantasy novel in three volumes, though each can stand alone.


Keeper of the Rose is my contribution in Volume 3.

If you would like a copy of the Charms Volume 3 email


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