Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Honourable Mention - Woo Hoo!

I was so excited to receive my copy of Time To Write in the post recently. It is a collection of short stories and one of my stories, It's Time, received an honourable mention - woo hoo!
Check out the other entrants selected for the publication.

It's Time began as a character exploration that didn't make it into my work in progress.
Here is a tease ...
Can after can he chugs down. The amber liquid spills along his chin. His only other interest is watching the game on the big screen. The commentator’s voice blares through the speakers, but I don’t dare suggest it’s too loud. He doesn’t talk, except to order whoever is nearby to get another beer.

‘How do you follow this?’ I mutter.

He stares at me, confused by my question.

‘I can’t understand it,’ I say, shaking my head.

The atmosphere in the room thickens. Still. Tense. I should have kept my big mouth shut.

‘It’s just it seems to stop and start all the time,’ I explain.

‘Thish game …’ he slurs. ‘Ish one you should reshpect.’ He slams his fist against the couch.

Mum clears her throat. ‘Abby, it’s getting late,’ she says, with a look of warning.

She nods towards the doorway. I look back at him and realise my mistake. His eyes are foggy, clouded. They can’t settle on their target. Me. His head droops as he sits forward on the couch. Aluminium beer cans tinkle as he kicks them out of his way.
You can read the entire collection online.
Hint: Skip to pg 73 to read the rest of It's Time by Melissa Wray.
Alternatively you can order your own copy of Time to Write
Time To Write 2014. 144 pages. A5 softcover.
Published by Yarra Bend Press in 2014.
ISBN 9780987319227. $9.95r.r.p.

Congratulations to all entrants. There is some talent within the pages of Time to Write! Thanks to all those involved at NMIT in the judging, editing and publishing process. Us writers are very grateful for these opportunities.

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