Monday, 26 August 2013

The Pitcher by William Hazelgrove is FREE to download!

My Review:
First can I say I know nothing about baseball. I have watched one live game when I visited Yankee stadium ten years ago. That said, I could not stop reading this book. I loved everything about it.

"I have never known a pitcher except for the guy across the street who lives in his garage. When my friends come over, we lie on his driveway listening to ballgames like the ocean in the dark."

After reading this I just knew this story was going to be special. Hazelgrove did not dissapoint. The Pitcher is written from Rikki's POV in a matter of fact manner which I liked. Even when things were tough you didn't feel sorry for him. The Pitcher's character aka Jack Langford, had me chuckling often. He was tough and grumpy but oh so likeable. Maria's character (Rikki's mum) was written similar to Rikki's with a no nonsense, that's just how it is attitude. Her unwavering desire to see her son succeed is powerful.

I said at the beginning I know nothing about baseball. But I do know about strength, passion, determination, resilience, power, motivation and love. This book has all these things plus more.

If you don't read The Pitcher then, strike, you're out!


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