Thursday, 17 January 2013

Love On The Road 2013 Writing Contest

Who doesn't enjoy a good love story right? Well here is your chance to write one!
Love on the Road 2013 will be an anthology of stories about making connections, including love stories that end in weddings or heartbreaks, as well less high-minded tales that end in a bed (or wherever). Half will be about travelers who met someone while on the road, and the other half about people who met travelers.

Do you hang around the tourist district in your city, hoping to pick up a good-looking traveler? Did you fall in love with your mountaineering instructor in an ice cave in the Himalayas while on vacation? Are you still dreaming about that visiting English teacher you had years ago? Did you meet and marry your soulmate while doing development work overseas?

The judges (including previously hosted author Clancy Tucker) want funny stories, tragic stories, dangerous stories and sweet stories. They will accept both fiction and non-fiction, but not poetry. They hope to include tales from all over the world, and from a wide variety of perspectives, including from LGBT writers.

Have you got a good tale to share? Then click on the link below for more information.


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