Tuesday 23 June 2020

Book Review - Mindcull By K H Canobi

By K H Canobi

My Review: A fabulous debut novel that sets a fast pace to keep the pages turning and doesn't stop until the end! Canobi creates a world that allows the reader to be easily drawn in and follow Eila on her desperate journey to uncover a shocking truth. 

Highly recommend if you like dystopian fiction, high stakes action and a kick-arse heroine.

In a time when nothing is as real as virtual reality, sixteen-year-old Eila is shortlisted in a competition by a global technology giant. But then law enforcement officers force her to spy for them, underground activists reveal a murderous plot and someone uses virtual reality to fill her head with a stranger’s thoughts.
Amid secrets, lies and distortions, Eila must decide how far she will go to protect innocent lives.

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