Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Writing Competitions - Why not try your luck?

There are a plethora of writing competitions available. You just have to find them!
Usually there is an entry fee associated but some are free. If you choose to enter just remember the following.
  1. Read the submission guidelines carefully. They are there for a reason.
  2. Stick closely to the word limit but whatever you do, don't go over.
  3. Make sure the submission piece is polished.
I've entered many competitions over the years. I've had some good success and not so good success. When I first started writing several years ago I entered my first competition and received an honourable mention. It gave my confidence the boost it need to continue with writing. In the last month I was shortlisted for one competition, but didn't place. However another competition selected my submission to be published within an anthology of short stories. Both pieces were from a work in progress. One started out as a picture story book idea assignment I completed years ago, only to evolve as a short story of 1000 words.

Some competitions offer feedback as either included or an optional extra. I recommend these ones as it will give you something to think about. Writing competitions mean you are being judged on your ability from a short piece. You need to choose each word carefully to make it count. This is a great exercise to fine tune your writing.

In the last 12 months I have entered competitions and been selected to be published within other short story anthologies. This is a great way to get some publication credit to your name. It is also a terrific way to increase your writing network. You can check out the other contributors and connect with them.

I highly recommend entering a writing competition. If you're not in it, you can't win it. This was my attitude a couple off years ago. It paid off because I won a publishing contract to have my debut novel, Destiny Road published.

To encourage you to enter competitions I am offering a chance to have your own writing critiqued. You will have the chance to submit up to 5000 words of your work in progress.

All you have to do to win is;

1.  Leave a summary about your story in the comment section or Dream Big ... Read Often Facebook page or email me (melissawray@hotmail.com.au). Summary must be no more than 50 words to arouse my curiosity in reading more.

"Destiny Road is a story of choice and consequence. It is a real life journey that changes the life of the main character, Jessica, in ways she couldn't imagine." (29 words)

2.  If you are on Facebook then 'LIKE' the Dream Big ... Read Often Facebook page.

3.  Help spread the word to someone you know might interested by JULY 25th, 2014.

Good luck!
You can also check out the weekly Flash Fiction Friday feature. Another weekly chance to get your work published.

Read the first chapter of Destiny Road for free;
Morris Publishing Australia.


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