Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Destiny Road Reviewed

Some recent reviews of Destiny Road.
Thanks to all reviewers for their honest feedback.

"At last a realistic YA with characters that actually think and act like teenagers! This book is about a teenage girl who deals with the very real issue of deciding which parent she should live with and all the feelings of guilt that go with either choice. I thought this was nicely told, poignant and touching. I especially enjoyed the contrast between the protagonists issues and those of her friends around her. All of these teens are dealing with very realistic issues which made this book entirely relate and a delight to read. I thoroughly enjoyed this and finished it in one day, I found it so compelling!"
By Leti Del Mar

"I so enjoyed Destiny Road. This is a great book. I was rooting for Jessica all the way! I truly got the sense that she was on a journey through a difficult passage of growing up and that she was always striving to make the best of her decisions when handed a profoundly life-altering moment – she discovers she has a father who never knew she existed. Through Jessica’s journey and her introspections the reader understands just how difficult this truly is for her. The writing is convincing and the story true to life. The supporting characters – so important to Jessica on her journey, and of whom Luke is the most subtly and interestingly written and deserving of his own book – are vivid and enjoyable. I thoroughly recommend this book.'
By Terri Sedmak

"This novel was intense right from the very first page. What I liked best about the intensity? It wasn’t your stereotypical action-adventure induced intensity. It was all emotionally based. This novel made me cry. It made me laugh. It also made me rethink a great many choices that I had or was about to make. Life is in the choices that you make and that are made for you.

Wray’s descriptions lay out the scene perfectly. They are in-depth enough to give you all of the details necessary to picture the scene or scenery, but do not go so far that you get lost in the description, losing out on the story as a whole. This story was so well written that you felt like you were living it yourself.

The main characters in this story were immaculately developed. They were real people. They never once seemed fictitious. It added to the realism and approachability of the subject matter. You know who the characters are and how they will react. Their approachability makes it that much easier to relate to them or for your heart to reach out to them throughout the novel. I also appreciated the fact that Wray did not waste time developing minor characters. You know who they are and enough about them to fulfil their purpose in the novel but the plot of the story is not slowed down while we find out their life histories.

With Destiny Road Wray created a brilliant world that was so real you couldn’t help but cringe at the downturns and smile at the upturns. This was a phenomenal first book. I cannot wait to read any further publications by this budding artist."

By Jonel Boyko

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