Saturday, 30 December 2017

New Year - New Attitude

What's with the New Year? It makes people all shades of crazy. Reflective. Despondent. Hopeful. Excited. Nervous. Thoughtful. Melancholy. Joyous.
Everyone wants to reflect on the year that has passed. What have I achieved? What do I still need to work towards? Everyone wants to set goals for the year ahead. What do I want to achieve? What do I want to work towards?

It's been almost twelve months since I posted anything on this blog. Not because I've been living in the remotest part of the world with no access to WiFi. Is there even such  place? If so message me the coordinates so I can go there. 
It's also not because I've had nothing to say. I've got plenty to say, just ask my kids and husband!
The truth is, I haven't posted anything mostly because life got busy and I had to evaluate where my energy went. 

I listen to conversations around me about people's lives and sometimes I feel the need to have a nap with how full their day is. Family commitments. Offspring's commitments. Exercise commitments. Education commitments. Business commitments. Work commitments. Social commitments. Social media commitments. Housekeeping commitments. Pet commitments. Shopping commitments. The list is never ending!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not afraid of commitment. But what I am afraid of, is Life Passing Me By. Sorry, I couldn't think of a cute little acronym to go with my fear. LPMB doesn't quite roll off the tongue. Although OMG works, as does LOL and PMSL so maybe LPMB will catch on.

I had a milestone birthday this year and it was like a slap to the face. My life was either halfway over or only just beginning. After much thought, I chose to go with the latter. Because you only get one shot at this life. So whilst there will always be commitments and juggling acts in our lives, it's important to stop. And live. And laugh. And be in the moment. Or else life will pass us by and we won't have been able to enjoy it.

Goals for 2018 ... Do not let LPMB.

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  1. I was rather surprised that i ticked off so many commitments from your list!! I'm certainly onto the LPMB problem by refusing to attend to my TO DO list and watching the tennis on telly instead.
    Good luck with your balancing act in 2018 do it so well. Xx