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Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra Blog Tour 23 May–I June

Dream Big ... Read Often has been thrilled to have Karen Tyrrell on this blog previously. Today, due to her determination, hard work and persistence she is back! Blast off as we help launch Karen's fabulous new book.
MEET Karen Tyrrell, award winning children’s resilience author of five books. Karen launches her second illustrated novel in the Super Space Kids series, Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra, an action-packed comedy space adventure for kids 7-12. Illustrated by Trevor Salter.
Jo-Kin Battles the It and Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra (Super Space Kids) are out NOW on Amazon and in book shops across the galaxy including Dymocks.
Blast off with gadgets, robots and funky food in a hilarious outer space adventure that enlightens you with STEM science, the power of teamwork, problem solving, and resilience.
"Reluctant hero, Jo-Kin never wanted to be a Super Space Kid. Not until Lord Terra kidnaps his Commander’s little sister and starts destroying the galaxy. Jo-Kin reunites the mighty Super Space Kids for an inter-planetary hunt for Lord Terra, finally meeting in a legendary winner takes all battle on Planet Deelish-us.
Can Jo-Kin defeat the all-powerful Lord Terra face to face?"
Writing Comedy for Kids By Karen Tyrrell
What’s the trick to writing comedy for children?
Think like a kid. It’s all about having FUN!
Young children love slapstick comedy. People falling over and getting hit can be played for laughs. Timing is crucial. Kids giggle when geeky Joshua Atkins aka Super Space Kid Jo-Kin trips over, SPLAT onto the floor. Not once but many times.
How do you use exaggeration to write kid’s comedy?
Never under estimate a kid’s sense of the ridiculous.
Exaggerate all of your characters. Kids love exaggerated character traits and understand exaggerated characters more easily. Many successful characters aimed at kids have a single exaggerated trait. Kids love Jo-Kin’s exaggerated wacky family who do ridiculous things and show irrational fears, faults and flaws all exaggerated to the Nth degree.
Mum wears giant hair rollers, sings and smooches to her poodle. She smothers Jo-Kin with kisses. ‘Aww Mum!’
Dad loves to cook, wearing a chef’s hat. Hes scared of heights. Dad gets dizzy standing on a step … combing his hair …or taking a ride on a chair-o-plane.
Marty is Jo-Kin’s very needy little brother who loves to build Lego robots. He clings into Jo-Kin’s leg when he launches into space.
Stella is Jo-Kin’s kooky, annoying big sister. ‘Stella threw a tantrum, insisting we take her on a supersonic car ride right now … No way! BOOHOO!’
Do you need to write gross stuff for Kids?
Gross stuff is comedy gold for kids: yukky smells, farts, snot and even pooh.
Personally I don’t use spew or pooh in my novels but an occasional burp or fart is appreciated in my yummy delicious food scenes. Kids love to laugh at gross food like brains, tripe and liver too.
Kids smirk at my fart scene after Jo-Kin discovered bubbling baked beans on Planet Deelish-us. ‘We trekked across the desert until we reached the river of bubbling baked beans. My stomach started to rumble and to gurgle. I knew what might happen next. I had to hold my bum cheeks tight just thinking about it.
My bossy big sister came to mind. ‘Keep away from baked beans,’ she warned. ‘They’re a giant fart pill!’
Gee, I miss my family, even Stella.’
What’s your top tips when writing kid comedy?
  1. Kids love the unexpected. One minute they’re gripping their seat with a thrilling scene. The next minute something unpredictable happens, maybe something really funny. Kids go from heart thumping to laughing to crying or laughing so much they cry.

  2. Kid’s comedy is enhanced with cartoon and graphic illustrated pictures of humorous characters and scenes in your novel.

  4. Incorporate comedy and tragedy together. Make the reader empathize with the main character’s struggles. Let them really care about him. Jo-Kin is the nerdy kid who can’t do anything right. We laugh at him when he fails and falls but we cheer for him when he finally succeeds. Relate to your characters as real people, then you’re more likely to connect emotionally with your readers.

  5. Develop characters and descriptions that are both gross, ridiculous and intriguing e.g. Lord Terra’s evil side-kick is Prince Poison. PP ‘has slimy slithering arms, each capable of shooting out a bubble of stink gas, as toxic and deadly as could be. He was the stinkiest alien that ever lived. PEE-UW! Boy did he pong! Worse than the rottenest egg gas. Worse than the smelliest fart.’

Got any good jokes for us? Kids love corny jokes especially if they involve food or a play on words. Jokes are great to tell at author talks if you write "funny".
Q: What is a spaceman’s favourite chocolate?
A: A Mars bar!
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Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra Blog Tour 23 May–I June
To celebrate Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra launch Karen is hosting Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra Blog Tour and Book Giveaway. Co-hosts will share out-of-this-world book reviews, interviews and blog posts.
Karen will zoom away signed copies of her book Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra and galactic prizes via the websites below. Please leave a comment on the websites to WIN.
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24 May Writing Kids Comedy, Melissa Wray http://melissawray.blogspot.com.au
25 May Create a Powerful Hero Character, Alison Stegert https://ali-stegert.com
26 May Creating Teacher Resources, Romi Sharp http://www.justkidslit.com
27 May Book Review, Robyn Opie Parnell http://robynopie.blogspot.com.au
30 May Book Review, Jill Smith https://authorjillsmith.wordpress.com
31 May Creating Themes in Kids Books, Kate Foster http://www.katejfoster.com/blog
1 June Illustrate a Children’s Novel, June Perkins https://gumbootspearlz.org
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  1. Thanks Melissa, For requesting this interview on how to write Comedy for Children. Looks fabulous Love the way you've presented it .... Karen :) I can't wait to get comments so I can give away 5 Books.

  2. Hi Melissa and Karen, Thanks for the great post on adding humour. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, there's nothing like a good belly laugh to make you feel good. Keep up the good work, ladies!

    1. Thanks Alison for dropping by. Thrilled you enjoy a good laugh. Always good to add a few laughs in a children's book to ease the tension and connect the main character with the reader ... Karen :)

  3. Hi Karen. I love how you have exaggerated the characters and used humour to connect the reader to the characters. Fantastic!

    1. Thanks Megan, For checking out my secrets to writing humor, Thrilled you like my tips. Good luck in the competition... Karen Tyrrell :)