Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Digital Publishing Options - WORKSHOP by Euan Mitchell

Dr Euan Mitchell Workshop
Digital Publishing Options
Proudly presented by Geelong Writers Inc

DATE: Saturday 16th April 2016

TIME: 10:00am – 4:00pm (coffee and nibbles provided)

WHERE: Belmont Library

COST: $70.00

Brief Course Outline
Take charge of connecting with your readers via the new array of options for making and marketing ebooks and print books. This practical introductory workshop shows you how to make quality ebooks from Word files for free, using your laptop or notebook computer (Windows or Mac). Euan Mitchell helps you cut through the tech talk to achieve your writing goals.
Topics Covered
  • Learn how to publish ebooks via Kindle (Amazon), Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and other ebook retailers
  • Discover how print-on-demand (POD) services can minimise printing bills and make hard copies of your book available globally.
Prerequisites for Workshop Participants: Requires familiarity with Microsoft Word on a laptop or notebook computer before the workshop begins. The minimum skills required are copying and pasting text as well as saving Word files to the computer you are using (especially if you have borrowed it for the day). Unfortunately, iPads and Android tablet computers are not suitable for this workshop.

Five things participants can expect to learn from this workshop:
  • How to make a quality ebook from a Word file for free

  • How to create an effective ebook cover on the cheap

  • How to publish ebooks globally for free

  • How to publish your book as a print-on-demand edition
  • How to assess which printing option is right for you.

About the Trainer
Dr Euan Mitchell is an author, editor, publisher and lecturer in professional writing. Originally a staff writer and commissioning editor for an independent educational publisher, Euan became a senior editor for a major publisher before he successfully self-published his first novel in 1998. Since then he has continued writing fiction and non-fiction books, both published and self-published, while helping writers from all walks of life launch their works into orbit. His latest book, originally commissioned by the Australian Society of Authors, is Your Book Publishing Options: How to Make and Market Ebooks and Print Books.

His website is http://euanmitchell.com/

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