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Jo-Kin Battles the IT By Karen Tyrell (Promo Blog Tour)


Today we welcome Karen Tyrell. A passionate, hardworking, resilient author whose mission is to empower readers and raise awareness of mental health. Karen's determination is inspiring! Today she gives us some tips for using humour in stories.

How to Write Humorous Novels for Kids

First I created Jo-kin Battles the It as a fast paced kids space adventure jam packed with incredible gadgets and robots, gruesome monsters, delicious food and of course Super Space Kids. The humour centres on the main character and hero super geek Josh Atkins and his dotty family. Josh dreams of blasting off into space to save the galaxy, to save someone or … at least save something. His annoying over-the -top family gets in the way and thwarts every move.
6 Tips for Writing ‘Funny’ for Kids
  • Create a nerdy but likeable main character with BIG dreams who takes on challenges but fails … and fails… and fails. Make the reader care deeply about the main character. The main character must show equal amounts of humour and pathos.

  • Create funny situations and scenes around your main character. Insert funny smells, unpredictable twists and physical humour like tripping over and being covered by yicky stuff. Act out the scenes to make the situations become alive with action and reaction.

  • Create a crazy quirky family, a mum and a dad, brother and sister with zany memorable faults. Jo-Kin’s dad is scared of heights, he even gets dizzy combing his hair. Jo-Kin’s dotty mum wears a fluffy dressing gown with doogy biscuits stuck to it. She sings funny songs and is in love with her dog.

  • Give your main characters funny acronyms or clever code names Josh Atkins became Jo-Kin and side kick, Samuel Jones who loved to stuff sandwiches into his pockets, became Sam-Wich.

  • Make the antagonist scary and menacing at first then later funny and quirky in appearance and what he does. Make us see the monster for what he truly is.

  • Give yourself time to add extra humour into the scenes and chapters in each subsequent draft. Ask your critique buddies for any extra ideas to add humour.

Climb aboard Star Fighter as Jo-Kin steers you across an alternate galaxy.

Read Jo-kin Battles the It

Can Jo-Kin, the underdog and dreamer, save captain Astra and the galaxy from the It before it’s too late?


Jo-Kin Battles the It Book Giveaway

Win a signed copy of Jo-Kin Battles the It OR one of four eBooks of Jo-Kin Battles the It OR signed artwork from the illustrator, Trevor Salter.

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Where to buy Jo-Kin Battles the It

Jo-Kin Battles the It is available direct from the author, from Amazon, LSI, Fishpond and book shops such as Riverbend in Brisbane, Dymocks: Penrith, Carindale, Garden City. Angus & Robertson: Victoria Point & Post Office Square, Mary Ryans Milton.

MORE stores coming soon.

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