Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Abandoned Cities - Where did all the people go?

Abandoned Cities.
As part of my current novel I have been doing some research into abandoned cities. It has been fascinating to learn just how many there are around the world. From whole cities abandoned due to army invasion to theme parks that have never been used. From shopping centres to underwater graves. The imagery has ranged from beautiful to spooky.
I hope you enjoy this clip. I have watched it many times and every time I get a chill down my spine.
Which one makes you shiver???

You can watch it through the creators Wall Posters @ You Tube


  1. Fabulous post for those wanting an unique location to set their story. Some spine chilling places there!... Cheers, Karen Tyrrell

  2. So evocative. I saw a similar list of abandoned underground railways a while ago. That was spooky too and I thought what a great setting for a story although it wasn't one I wanted to write. I can't write scary. But I would have liked to walk through some of the places.