Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Write well - WRONG! Just write.

Back in November I attempted NaNoWriMo. 50,000 words in one month. Did I make it? No. I got to around 30,000 BUT I was very happy with that. The reason being is my story contained lots of first attempts for me.
  • 1st time writing 2 POV.
  • 1st time writing from 3rd person POV.
  • 1st time writing a dystopian fiction.
  • 1st time writing with a male main character.
  • 1st time writing in the order of the story as it unfolds.

See - lots of firsts!

The thing I loved most about the experience is I gave myself permission to write. I gave my writing brain a pep talk and told myself it didn't have to be the best quality writing because that's why it's called a first draft. When I got stuck on the details or the storyline questions that were creeping in I reminded myself to just write. Each time I sat down to write I just picked up where I left off. I didn't allow myself to reread previous work, nor did I allow myself to edit as I went - except for incorrect spelling. I wasn't a spelling queen in Grade 6 for nothing!

At the end of the month I put the story away for another month. Then I went back and hesitantly read through the pages of first attempts.

SHOCK AND HORROR - it wasn't terrible! It was far from perfect but it had all the elements of a good read. I couldn't wait to keep working on it.

So again, I gave myself permission to keep writing, not well, just write!

What holds you back in your writing?


  1. Giving yourself permission to write is a huge step! I tiptoe around that a lot.

    1. You should give yourself for freedom as a writer. It can produce some surprising results!

  2. It's a good test, Melissa when we come back to work and still like it. Great job! Good luck with your novel.

    1. Thanks Kaye. Now to get it finished!

  3. Someday I'll get past the irresistible urge to go back and edit as I write. Maybe. The first draft of my last chapter is usually tied to the 50th draft of my first one.