Friday, 18 July 2014

Pa Joe's Place By Clancy Tucker (Promo/Giveaway)

"The main character, Boo, will steal your heart. But you’ll be glad she did. If she doesn’t, you don’t have a heart worth stealing. I know. I met Boo."
Clancy Tucker

I am thrilled to welcome back the award winning author, Clancy Tucker. He is the winner of three awards in the Australian National Literary Awards and his new book, Pa Joe's Place might make that total four.

Pa Joe's Place by Clancy Tucker
Boo is a seven-year-old Thai girl whose father is dying. She must leave home and travel 1700 kilometres to live in an orphanage, ‘Pa Joe’s Place’, run by a foreigner (farang). With a bag of clothes, some food and a mysterious envelope addressed to ‘Pa Joe’, she endures an adventurous train trip to Songkhla. On the way, she meets influential people who know Pa Joe and a wise monk who gives her a lucky amulet.

Boo settles into ‘Pa Joe’s Place’, makes friends and inspires Pa; an American Jesuit priest who has cared for Thai orphans for 50 years. She and her friends establish a successful jam-making business to make money for Pa and Boo meets Jack Ryan, an Australian farmer she admires. Shattered by the death of her father, she runs from Pa Joe’s Place but is soon found by Pa and the Chief of Police. Boo has survived four life-threatening situations since she left home: a train derailment, snake bite, tsunami and a fire. Suddenly she takes ill and is rushed to hospital. Will her lucky amulet help her to survive?

Boo Nawigamune. An 8 year old girl with wisdom beyond her years and a heart full of love. Pa Jo. A Jesuit priest from America, living in Thailand and caring for children with nowhere else to go. This is such an extraordinary story of life, sorrow, love, joy and friendship. Pa Joe's Place will remind the reader of the good people can do without expecting anything in return. It will guarantee the reader of a journey about remarkable courage, strength and endurance. But most importantly it will resonate with the reader in many ways and inspire them to be better people. Tucker has managed to tell a story with such human spirit I guarantee the reader will be moved to tears. I certainly was! He has woven such detail about not only the characters but the setting, Thailand, that readers will want to book their next flights there to visit. I implore you to read Pa Joe's Place; learn about the journey of Boo and feel inspired. This is one story that will creep into your thoughts long after the last page has been read.

Love ya work Clancy Tucker!


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  1. After reading this story my exotic destination is - Thailand of course!

  2. Hi Melissa & Clancy,
    What a beautiful heart warming story!
    I would love to win a copy ... Karen :)
    PS Love Thailand too.

    1. Thanks for entering Karen, good luck!

  3. this sounds like a great story, I'm going to keep my eye out for this one

  4. I've been to thailand, it is a beautiful country, but I would love to see Sri Lanka

    1. Sri Lanka would be interesting. Thailand is definitely on my list to get to one day.

  5. Replies
    1. Of course Paris counts! It's a beautiful place to visit. Perfect for strolling and taking in the surrounds. I've been lucky enough to visit twice!

  6. Sounds like a book I want to read and one that my readers would enjoy - thanks Melissa

    1. Thanks for dropping by, good luck!