Friday, 27 June 2014

Flash Fiction Friday By Melissa Wray

Summer Change By Melissa Wray
An extract
With a quick three raps on the door I angle myself to flee off the steps. My nerves increase and I try to squash them. The front door opens and Mason answers, wearing only his board shorts. Surprise registers on his face before he tries to squash it. I stare stunned, then look away. But not before a blush warms my cheeks. I wish I could be more like Lexi and not flame at a half-naked guy. He crosses his arms and leans against the door, undeterred by my embarrassment. This makes my cheeks darken further.

‘I’m sure it is,’ I say, sarcastically.

He smirks and takes a step toward me. ‘You wanna come in?’

His voice is husky and I muster all my strength to keep my face straight.

Mason stares at me. His eyes bore into mine. Then he nods. ‘Well … thanks.’

‘Sure.’ I jump down the steps and walk along the driveway.

I can feel him watching me again but don't turn back.

Thanks for reading my extract. I hope one day you will be able to read the entire published novel!

Three things about myself.
  1. I write because ... it gives me a chance to escape the responsibilities of my real life.
  2. If I was a character in a book I would be ... Silky from The Magic Faraway Tree.
  3. My super human power would be ... speed so I had more time in the day to do fun things.

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  1. I like the way you've chosen a scene partway through the book - I'm intrigued as to what's happened in the lead-up. And I want to know Lexi too - anyone who can pelt flour bombs at a guy and stay cool, calm and collected sounds like a fun friend to have! If the rest of the book is this good, you're on a winner.

    1. Thanks Alex. Let's hope a publisher thinks the same then your wonderings will be answered!