Friday, 7 February 2014

Things I wish I'd known as a teenager By Melissa Wray

When I was first asked to write to this theme for Uncommon YA I admit it was a challenge. Being a teenager can feel like a lifetime. Perhaps it is in some ways. There are many moments in those years that will stay with us. For both good reasons and bad. Good - all night sleepovers. Bad - permed hair.

Believe it or not, for the most part I was a happy teenager. It's true! I have lots of wonderful memories about that rite of passage. I liked school. I had friends. Sure there were challenges like going to four different high schools. It sucked being the new girl. There were also upheavals like moving over 3,000 km away from family and friends. That sucked even more. But I wish I knew then that it would all work out. It would have saved a lot of anguish.
Teenagers are expected to grow up and be responsible. But when they do we complain about how fast they grow up. I wish I knew then that the time would fly and the years would pass fast enough. That there was no need to wish I was older and rush things along. Life is a marathon not a race. Enjoy the freedom of being carefree while you can.
Childhood friendships are the best. There is something sacred about the best friend you grew up with. I wish I knew then that my girlfriends in high school really would be my best friends forever. Over 20 years later we are still in each others lives. So to Cherry, Mams, Melissa B, Bec, Katrina, Shauna and Melissa T, thank you for making my teenage years great. I hope we are reminiscing for many more years to come. xo
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What do you wish you'd known as a teenager???

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  1. I'd love to have known I was okay the way I was. It would have saved years of angst!