Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Kate By Kevin Burgemeestre (Review + Giveaway)

Today I am thrilled to welcome the very talented Kevin Burgemeestre to the blog. Kevin is a fellow Morris Publishing Australia author and I want to share with you news of his exciting new novel, Kate.

Kate is a story of growth and mistakes.
Kate is struggling to deal with her best friend leaving, a school bully and with the death of her mother. She believes that life is hard. Then a chance encounter with a battered, heroic hound she rescues from the streets, and Mal, a troubled young man with a dark past, leads Kate into more danger and excitement than she could have wished for.
She wonders about her unusual friendship with this damaged young man, but when things go really wrong, they’ll need each other ... and they’ll have to run!
My Review:
I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Melbourne launch of Kate. It was obvious during the night that Kevin is passionate about both dogs and art. Both these interests shine through in his debut YA novel.
Kate is a complicated character. She is timid, shy and almost withdrawn at the beginning of the novel. Then as the story progresses she evolves into a compassionate, strong and confident person. She is willing to risk her safety again and again for those she cares about.
I thought Burgemeestre was particularly clever with the way he planned his story. Before you knew it everything had spiralled out of control as can happen in ones life, particularly a teenager. It was more through a series of unfortunate events that took Kate on the race of her life rather than bad decisions. Even so, once the wheels were in motion it was necessary for Kate to plough forward. I enjoyed the unlikely friendship between Kate and Mal., a tough and troublesome lad. It reminded me of a poem about friends coming into your life for a reason. They both had their own reasons and needed each other as much as the other.
Wilde the dog played a vital role in this story. I must make a disclaimer here and now that I am not a dog lover or 'doggy friend' as referred to in the story. Please don't hold that against me! I actually do have a  dog, a golden lab Bella, who is adored by my children. She is loyal and playful and has grown on me over the years ...
Back to the review;
The companionship and devotion that developed during the story between Wilde (the dog) and Kate was special. I saw it as symbolic for Kate to have an extra guardian around at just the right time. Especially with her mother no longer alive and Kate needing support at a critical time.
I loved the illustrations scattered throughout the book. Burgemeestre has an obvious gift as an illustrator. It seems this has continued into his novel with delicious, descriptive images in the story for example; 'Higher up the trunks, mottled sunlight revealed slashes of greys, pinks, and oranges in the surprising bark.'

You can read the review at Goodreads and add it to you 'to read' shelf.

Want to win a copy of Kate? Then simply email a comment to submissions@morrispublishingaustralia.com with the subject "Kate competition". Entries close midnight December 17th. Or answer the question below. What is your absolute favourite animal?
Kevin Burgemeestre is no stranger to readers. As an artist and illustrator with more than 25 years’ experience, he has a list of over 60 published books that contain his illustrations. Kate contains 5 illustrations which were exhibited at the Stonnington Literature Alive exhibition earlier in 2013.
He has recently turned his hand to writing. Kate, his debut novel, was completed as part of the Copyright Agency residency at the University of New England in 2012.
Based in Melbourne, Australia, he is well known for enthusiastic, Informative and humorous approach to workshops with children and adults, as a children’s book illustrator, editorial writer and an illustration lecturer. Kevin is available for book signings and workshops.

Congratulations Kevin on a terrific read. I wish you the very best with it and look forward to future stories!

Contact info@morrispublishingaustralia.com for bookings.
To purchase Kate;
Morris Publishing Australia

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Want to win a copy of Kate? Then simply email a comment to submissions@morrispublishingaustralia.com with the subject "Kate competition". Entries close midnight December 17th. Or answer the question below. What is your absolute favourite animal?


  1. Thanks for the reveiw, Melissa. Pleased you enjoyed the book.

  2. My favourite animal is my Labrador, Lucky. I also want a cat, but my husband won't let me have one. He hates cats! My favourite animal in the wild is the panda. The book sounds great. I'd love to read it.

    1. I think you're either a dog or cat lover in this world Lynda. Good Luck!