Friday, 20 December 2013

A Merry Aussie Christmas to you!

The lights are flashing and the tinsel is hanging. The presents are wrapped and the kids are hopping with excitement! It must be that glorious time of year again - Christmas.
I am one of those annoying types that just loves when December 25th comes around. I love the build up, the festivities, the celebration and the anticipation. Perhaps this quote will encourage a festive spirit for any bah humbug type out there.

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn't before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. What if Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!”  
Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Because of this wonderful time of year I want to highlight some stories that celebrate the aussie culture and this magical time of year. Read on to learn more about some very talented Australian writers and their fabulous books.
P.S Who Stole Santa's Mail
By Dimity Powell

You'd better not shout. You'd better not cry. You'd better watch out. I'm telling you why… Somebody's coming to town. He's naughty and not very  nice.
And he wants to destroy Christmas.
When the post boxes of Bramblebury mysteriously begin to disappear, Sam has just weeks before the biggest day of Santa's year to discover what's happening to all the Christmas mail. And then his sister vanishes too. Will he be able to find his sister and save Christmas, along with Santa's reputation, before the Delivery Book closes for the year?
Available to purchase.
Morris Publishing Australia
Boomerang Books

Dimity Powell
What do you enjoy most about Christmas in Australia?
"Too many things to mention, but they would have to revolve around scents: the scents of ripe summer stone fruits, sunscreen, rain drops on dry roofs, frangipanis in full bloom, brandy soaked fruit cake and pies, roasting pork. (yes I'm hopelessly food centred at this time of year!)"

Christmas at Grandad's Farm
By Claire Saxby

The sun is shining, the barbecue is fired up and the family is all together – it must be Christmas time at Grandad’s Farm!
Join in all the fun of a typical hot Aussie summer with gorgeous illustrations by Janine Dawson and fun rhyming text from popular author Claire Saxby. 
A fun alternative to the plethora of Southern Hemisphere Christmas offerings, this is set to become an Australian Christmas favourite.
Available to purchase.
The Five Mile Press

Claire Saxby
What do you enjoy most about Christmas in Australia?
"I love to gather family and friends at Christmas and given that there's quite a few of us (including four brothers, three sons, partners and children galore) it's fantastic that some of the action can be outside. In Melbourne, where I live, we can experience multiple seasons in any given 24 hour period, but there's usually enough sunshine to go for a walk, play cricket and/or soccer.  We are lucky enough to be a block away from two great parks. One is a nature reserve with lakes, and the other is perfect for ball games. These outside activities are a necessary part of any Christmas day I think, not least to force a pause in the feasting."

 Down Under - The 12 Days of Christmas
By Michael Salmon

Santa Claus has landed outback and is busily checking his list. The kangaroos are in charge of all the presents and his koala helpers are not being much help at all!
And are those crocodiles really ‘a-snoozing’?
With surfing sharks, skiing snakes, dancing dingoes, leaping lizards and lots more, Michael Salmon’s Aussie characters come to life in pictures and verse.
Welcome to Christmas ‘down-under’!

Available to purchase.

Michael Salmon
What do you enjoy most about Christmas in Australia?

"The Family is all together’"

An Aussie Year
By Tania McCartney
Meet Ned, Lily, Zoe, Kirra and Matilda––five Aussie kids keen to take you on a journey through a year in the life of Australian children, from cultural celebrations to traditions and events, to our everyday way of life.

An Aussie Year is a picture book bursting with national pride. It is a snapshot of who we are as a nation, covering our melting-pot culture, lifestyle and traditions. Its pages feature trailing, meandering text, dates and gorgeous illustrations showing our five Aussie children at play, at school, at home, enjoying their homeland––from the tropical north to our rugged west.

Trailing through the seasons and idiosyncrasies endemic to each month of the year, this is Our Australian Childhood.
Available to purchase.

What do you enjoy most about Christmas in Australia? 
"My favourite thing about Christmas in Australia is the relaxed, easy-going, summery atmosphere. The fresh salads and seafood for lunch. The kiss of our Antipodean sun on the shoulders as we play cricket on the lawn. Zingy cocktails and Bing Cosby carols. Tinsel shimmer. And of course, opening the ultimate gift—a book (or twenty)."

Thanks for visiting and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and an amazing 2014!
WAIT! Before you go, tell me, what do you love about Christmas where you live?
 “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”  
Charles Dickens

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  1. I love that we can have cold prawns on a hot summer's day - and that the fire brigade drives Santa around on Christmas Eve with lollies for the kids.