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Bailey Beats the Blah By Karen Tyrell (Review & Giveaway)

 Bailey hates his new school. His tummy aches.
He has no friends. His dog Fuzzy slobbers all over him. BLAH!
How can Bailey change his BLAH to HA-HA-HA?
Bailey Beats the Blah is an empowering mental health picture book for children 4-8 years, spring-boarding emotional awareness and action plans on how to lift a child’s mood.  Bailey features self-esteem and resilience skills for children, families, teachers, parents and counsellors. Bailey is aligned with Kids Matter program on the National Education Curriculum and supported by counselling service, Kids Helpline.

ISBN: 9780987274045 Publisher: Digital Future Press Category: Picture Book
Author: Karen Tyrrell Illustrator: Aaron Pocock
Age Level: Read aloud to 4-8 year olds. 

My Review
My children (5 and 7) enjoyed this simple yet empowering story. From the beginning they thought Bailey was sad. Miss 5 was especially keen to talk about what she thought was happening in the book. Even going so far as to put her hand up! It was a timely story for her as she begins school next year. She even commented with, ‘I would let Bailey play with me.’

As we read through the book I was struck by how relatable the story was. As a primary school teacher I saw how easily it could be used in classrooms. There are many themes running through the story. Attitude to school, sadness, apprehension, anxiety, nervousness, feeling scared, being brave, empowerment and more. It would make a terrific resource for schools.
I also need to comment on how wonderful the illustrations fit the book. There is a cute little mouse that makes an appearance that had my kids in stitches!
Overall Bailey Beats the Blah is a terrific story to read with kids and will create some great discussions.

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Karen Tyrrell
Karen Tyrrell is a Brisbane award winning author of three mental health books for adults and children, an experienced senior teacher, accredited speaker and dynamic creative writing AND Resilience Training workshop presenter.

Karen is also the author of ME & HER: A Memoir of Madness and ME& HER: A Guide to Recovery.
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Karen is obviously very passionate about mental health and empowerment and I wish her all the very best success with it!


  1. Thanks so much for your incredible support for Bailey Beats the blah.
    I LOVE your review and the way your showing Bailey to teachers and to schools ... Karen :)

  2. Great review, Melissa and I think Karen has done a terrific job to have achieved publication and to reinforce such important messages. I think adults will get a lot from the book too.

  3. Thanks Kaye,
    For your support for Bailey's positive messages.
    And your comment on Bailey's importance for families ... Karen :)

  4. Great review Melissa, and good on your daughter for being open to new friends - it looks like Bailey Beat the Blah is having a postive impact already.

    1. Thanks Stacely for your awesome comment on the POWER of Bailey.

  5. Karen is a gifted writer for both children and adults! I look forward to purchasing "Bailey Beats the Blah" for all my friends this holiday season. She is a wonderful mental health advocate as well. I am a mother of two little girls with bipolar disorder and I am so thankful for this bright light.

  6. Thanks Dyane, For following and supporting Bailey Beats the Blah. I hope your little girls get the support and resources they need to cope with all their challenges :)

  7. An excellent review! :D

    1. Thanks Dragonwyst for reading Bailey Beats the Blah review.
      I LOVE Melissa's review too :)

    2. Hi Alice,
      I just recognized your name. Thanks for dropping in with a comment. Please check out my FREE teacher notes and FREE activities

  8. What a wonderful book this promises to be. No doubt a valuable resource.


    1. Hi Mary,
      Thanks so much for your wonderful words on Bailey's ability to be a resource... Karen :)

  9. Thanks everyone,
    for supporting Bailey Beats the Blah 5 STAR Mental Health book for KIDS
    Announcing WINNERS! *Bailey Beats the Blah #Bookgiveaways
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    Karen :)