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The Princess and The Pirate By Royce Bond

The Princess and The Pirate – Book one
of The Knights of Katesch
Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Royce Bond, author of the sci fi/fantasy novel The Princess and The Pirate – Book one of The Knights of Katesch a swashbuckling adventure of a Pirate, a Princess, and their followers as they fight to save the universe from evil forces.

Synopsis: These are the chronicles of the Knights of Katesch, who for time out of memory have fought the wizard Maligor, across all the dimensions of the known universe.

After the death of her mother Hibana, one of the famed Knights of Katesch, at the hands of a Kladath assassin, Princess Hepzebah faces the fight of her life. As the new queen, she has inherited her mother's powers. The space pirate Captain Sergio runs the blockade to bring an unearthly army to fight the last battle against Maligor's hordes. He has plans for this young queen, but his plans are hijacked and they are thrust into an inter-dimensional battle for the future of the known universe.

Who are you?
I am a retired teacher. I spent the last 22 years of my life giving kids hope for their future. I love teaching and writing. I am married with four children and six grandchildren, or there soon will be six.

What is your background?
I come from a farm labouring family, where I spent most of my youth on market gardens. It was there that I developed the ability to day dream myself into different worlds.

My year 4 school report said, “Royce can’t write a simple sentence and he has difficulty in reading. I am now a published author with some of my books translated into other languages.

I have had many different jobs. The ones I liked the best were those where I had the opportunity to spend my time with people.

Where do you come from?
My home town is Bundaberg in Queensland, but I now live in Rockhampton.

When did you start your journey as a writer?
I started writing in 1985, or there about.

Why do you write?
I write now because of the pure joy of creating a different world, where I can have the sort of adventures that I can’t have in this world.

 CHAPTER TWO (Extract)
Draco Darkinis glided silently through the fog shrouded forest, down paths that only he knew. The birds and creatures quietened at his passage. His green cape softly scraped the ground, as he moved towards the dark maul of a cave that opened menacingly in the side of a massive burial mound, now overgrown by eons of neglect.

He stopped at the cave entrance and looked over his shoulder, making sure he hadn’t been followed. A thin slit of a smile creased his pasty grey face, as crow’s feet outlined his coal black eyes. 

His long black hair rustled in the breeze that blew from the cave entrance, a breeze that would make any normal person gag for breath, but not Draco. He breathed the stench deeply, drawing strength of purpose from it. His hand went to the rapier that hung ready at his left side, the feel of cold steel, although useless in this cave, quietened the little butterflies that raced through his body.

He always felt like this when meeting his Lord and Master – a sense of excitement, yet, filled with deep dread.

A final glance over his shoulder through a break in the forest canopy showed the city on the hill, its upper towers drawing gold against the rising sun. Then he plunged into darkness, to meet with his destiny.

Torches quickly exploded into light on the tunnel walls. Deep into the barrow, he saw two metal doors, shining with a ghostly pallor in the flickering light. Draco moved quickly forward to place a hand on the right door. He shivered a little as the metal melted over his skin, and a cold shudder ran through his body. The door lock released and he knew that Theocus was awake.

He pushed gently and the door swung open to reveal a huge cavern, lit by a single torch that burned brightly above. It cast a golden glow that reflected off the obsidian glass walls.

Thanks for asking me to visit. If you read the book, I hope you enjoy the story. I hope I can inspire others to pursue their dream of becoming an author.
Best wishes,

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