Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sab The Book Eater Interview

Sab The Book Eater

Thanks to Isabel and her delightful blog 'Sab the Book Eater' for this interview opportunity.
Hi Melissa! Welcome to Sab The Book Eater! Did you know you’re the first author I’m interviewing on my blog? So… thank you! I’m pretty stoked about you being here ;-)
Wow! What a fantastic honour to have. Thanks so much for having me.

Now before everything else, can you tell us a bit about yourself? What makes Melissa Wray, Melissa Wray?
Firstly I am the mother of 2 beautiful kids who keep me very entertained. I am a passionate primary school teacher who loves teaching. I am a closet writer that has only recently opened up about writing. It has been a hobby for the last few years until the publication of Destiny Road. I am a reader from way back and will cook tea with a book in my hand if the storyline grips me. Lastly I am a glass half full kind of person and try to always look for the positive.

You must be asked this often but I’m interested to know… what inspired you to become an author?
Honestly I only ever thought I would be a writer. It feels strange to consider myself an author of a published novel. I began a writing course several years ago but it was for writing for middle aged reader (7-10 year olds). The Young Adult genre was totally unexpected for me yet I think I have found my voice when writing within it.

To read more of the interview follow the link below!
There is even a GIVEAWAY at the end - yay!

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