Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Book So Fathomless reviews Destiny Road

A Book So Fathomless is a delightful blog run by Chami and Ely
who live in Melbourne, Australia. They are two teenge girls who share a love of books and passing on their thoughts to others.
Here are some of their reactions to Destiny Road.
The great thing about Destiny Road is that is filled with all the realistic teenage things- starting at a new school, family drama, friend drama, learning to drive and etc ...

 My absolute favourite thing was the relationships that were in the novel. I loved reading about the building father/daughter relationship of Bill and Jessica ...

Some of the little details that Melissa wrote about actually got me thinking- one example was a really good discussion about pivotal points and all ...

I want to thank them for their honest review and feedback about Destiny Road. To read the complete review and check out thier blog, click on the link below.


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