Thursday, 6 December 2012

The Other Side Of The Story

Janice Hardy writes  a fabuloous blog full of great tips and author interviews. Today she writes;

I'd like to welcome Melissa Wray to the blog today to talk about something that differs for everyone: their publication journey. With so many options available to writers these days, those roads are quickly turning into a superhighway, and no one travels the exact same route.
Melissa has always loved reading and grew up 600m from the local library. She studied children’s literature at university while completing her Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education (primary) degree. Her debut novel is Destiny Road.

To learn more about how Destiny Road came to be published just click on the link below. But before you do, here is a snippet.

I have been extremely lucky with my road to publication. I subscribe to a bi-monthly e-zine called Buzz Words. It was through this I saw a competition to win a publishing contract with Morris Publishing Australia. I had originally sent my story to a manuscript assessment service who gave me some great feedback. I then spent another three months playing around with my writing and added an additional 15,000 words. It was just good timing that the competition came up when I had finished polishing the story. I decided to enter the competition and sent the first four chapters off. Destiny Road was shortlisted and I quickly sent off the entire manuscript. I could not believe it when it was accepted. I read the email about 20 times. For the record, I have submitted other stories elsewhere without luck and received the dreaded rejection notes.

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