Friday, 2 November 2012

Books, Books & more Books!

Books, books & more books feature a Q&A on Destiny Road. Why is Jessica such a great character? What is Melissa's favourite scene that she found the most emotional to write? What is Melissa working on next? Here is an exert.
Who is Jessica and why is she such a great character?
Jessica is a 16 year old girl who meets her biological father for the first time. He never knew she was born and she had never really thought about the fact it was just and her mother. Six months after she meets Bill (her dad) for the first time, she is moved away by her mother to begin a new life in a new place.
Jessica is a great character because she goes on this journey of living with the decisions made by others as well as living with the decisions she ultimately makes. You can’t help but feel connected to Jessica as she struggles with the different relationships in her life.
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